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From Concept to Success: How We Helped Launch NIVEAU DRIVE

Client: niveaudrive

We collaborated with Cape Bouvard Technologies to create a brand identity from scratch for their electric bicycle transmission, Niveau Drive. Our team designed their logo, website, marketing materials, and digital marketing campaigns. 

Branding – New Logo Design & Style Guide

As part of our branding work for Niveau Drive, we developed a comprehensive logo and style guide. The logo was designed to be modern, sleek, and memorable, while also capturing the essence of the brand. The style guide provided clear guidelines on typography, color palette, and visual elements to ensure consistency across all marketing materials. This helped to create a strong and unified brand identity for Niveau Drive.

Website Design & Development

As part of our work with Cape Bouvard Technologies to launch Niveau Drive, we also developed a website design that aligned with the brand identity we created. Our team carefully crafted a user-friendly interface that effectively showcased the product and its features, while also providing an easy-to-navigate experience for potential customers. The website design incorporated the brand’s visual elements and messaging, resulting in a cohesive and consistent online presence that helped drive conversions.

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Digital Results

Our team’s digital marketing campaigns for Niveau Drive resulted in generating over 1000 enquiries and attracting over 1000 followers on social media platforms. By utilizing targeted advertising, engaging ad copy, and compelling visuals, we were able to increase brand visibility and drive traffic to the website. 

Video Production

Our team took video footage using drones in a popular Perth location to create stunning visuals for a client’s marketing campaign. By using drones, we were able to capture unique and captivating shots that would have been difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional filming techniques. The resulting footage was then edited and incorporated into the client’s video marketing content, helping to increase engagement and brand visibility. Our skilled drone pilots and videographers ensured that the footage was captured safely and within legal guidelines.

Graphic Design

Following our successful branding and website design work for Niveau Drive, our team continued to work closely with Cape Bouvard Technologies to bring their brand to life through graphic design. We developed a range of eye-catching and engaging marketing materials, including social media images, brochures, and presentation templates, that helped to showcase the unique features and benefits of Niveau Drive to potential customers. Our high-quality design work not only helped Niveau Drive stand out in a competitive market but also led to increased engagement and interest from manufacturers.

Lead Generation – Facebook & Linked IN Ads

Our team managed Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns for Niveau Drive, with a focus on lead generation. We created eye-catching ads and targeted the right audience to maximize conversions. Our continuous optimization of the campaigns led to over 1000 inquiries and 1000+ social media followers, contributing to the success of the client’s digital marketing efforts.

Video Show Reels

Our team has put together a short video showreel that highlights the various aspects of our work with Niveau Drive. This video showcases our branding, website design, graphic design, and digital marketing campaigns that helped bring the Niveau Drive brand to life. It’s a great way to get a quick overview of our work and see the results we achieved for our client. We invite you to take a look at the video to see for yourself what we can do for your brand.