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A brand new gym
in Perth

Client:  Day56.com.au

DAY56 is a brand new results-based group training studio in Perth, that specialises in 56 DAY Transformations – inspired by DJs playing their best sets, whilst training in Perth’s very 1st Sun & Surf-themed setting. In a very competitive industry, the team at DAY56 appointed Dryve as a growth marketing consultancy to help raise quick local awareness and drive new memberships.

GROWTH Consulting & Training

Our marketing consulting and coaching package has not only provided DAY56 with a strategic marketing plan and ongoing support, but we have also conducted training sessions to help their team develop marketing skills and manage their own marketing efforts in-house. We have covered topics such as social media management, content creation, and email marketing, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively execute the marketing plan. Through our coaching and training, DAY56 has gained the confidence and capability to continue growing their business with a strong marketing strategy

We don’t only build brands. We build long-term relationships.

Website Support & Development

The DAY56 team was struggling to keep their WordPress website updated and running smoothly, which was negatively impacting their business. Our WordPress website maintenance and support package provided them with ongoing, reliable, and quick website updates. Through regular updates, backups, and maintenance checks, we were able to improve the performance, security, and functionality of their website. This allowed the DAY56 team to focus on growing their business, while we took care of their website’s technical issues. Overall, our services helped DAY56 save time, reduce stress, and achieve their business objectives.

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Graphic Design

We continue to support DAY56 with graphic design services throughout its growth period. This includes designing member programs, member referral posters, special promotion adverts, email signatures, and custom graphics. Our team works closely with DAY56 to ensure that each design aligns with their branding and messaging, and we continually refine our approach based on their feedback and evolving marketing goals. Our commitment to delivering high-quality designs on time and within budget has helped DAY56 to establish a strong visual identity and stand out in their competitive market.


We established local partnerships for Day56 by identifying and reaching out to relevant businesses in their area. Through these partnerships, Day56 was able to increase their brand visibility and tap into new customer markets. Our team worked closely with Day56 to ensure the partnerships were aligned with their brand messaging and goals, resulting in successful collaborations that benefited both parties involved.


Our team manages Day56’s Facebook ad campaigns by creating attractive ads and promotional videos to increase traffic. We carefully target the right audience, using persuasive visuals and ad copy to help Day56 acquire new members. We also work with them to develop promotions and trial offers, increasing engagement and customer acquisition. Our regular optimization of the campaigns ensures Day56’s continued success.